: Tue, 12 May 2020 14:17:23, by: Deepak Kumar

The Google Lens app works in an unique way and offers various functions to ease documentation problems. This app helps in identifying unknown objects and also provides multiple suggestions. Google Lens is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology and it also uses machine learning to be accurate with its search results. Google Lens was first announced in the year 2017, when Google launched the Pixel.

But back then it was an exclusive feature of Google Pixel and no other devices had access to this specific application. In the following years Google introduced Google Lens in the Google Play app and any Android mobile phone user could download it and use it. 

Google Lens is very simple to use, and most of its task depends on the phone camera. All you need to do is to point the phone camera at the specific object and the probable answers to your query will line up on the screen, from there you can choose the appropriate result and you will get your destined output. You can use Google Lens to know more about any food or drink or even an unknown flower on the roadside that you saw.

It can also make out the password of your Wi-Fi, after you click a picture of the SSID label on the router and you will be connected to the network. Google Lens can also help to identify a specific brand of clothing, accessories or even footwear, it can also provide excellent suggestions for restaurants, bars and cafes. Other features of this app include, translation and smart text search. Translation saves a lot of time while doing writing work in bulk and smart text search enables you to get find specific keywords and definitions on the web.  

Very recently a new feature has been added to the Google Lens and it is absolutely mind-blowing. Now, you can easily copy a handwritten phrase or text from a paper based material and can paste it to any connected device where you have signed from the same account. The other synced devices must have the latest version of chrome installed in them. Just turn on your phone camera, highlight the part of the handwritten text that you want to copy and then simply follow the copy-paste procedure to finish the task. This feature is very helpful for people who keep on taking handwritten notes, for students who attend lectures and professionals who like to carry notepads to business meetings.

A recent study has shown how Google Lens can translate more than hundred languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian among others. It can also help in understanding the pronunciation of a certain word that you are not sure about. A headline from a newspaper of an unknown language can also be translated with the help of this app. Most of these features are already available for both Android and iOS users, and they can easily download it on their devices. This is a major step up for the Google Lens app and more advanced features will be announced soon. 

Author: Deepak Kumar

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